Our new and improved online booking feature is ALMOST ready!  For now, please call us to book your appointment.

Our new and improved online booking feature is ALMOST ready!  For now, please call us to book your appointment.

Cate’s Touch Day Spa

About Us

Welcome to Cate’s Touch

Welcome to Cate’s Touch – the oasis where expertise, passion, and care coalesce to redefine your elevated skincare and day spa experience. Our team isn’t just comprised of seasoned aestheticians and skilled beauticians; we’re also devoted aficionados of all things skincare and health. We live and breathe the beauty industry, and we channel this fervor into every service we provide.

Within the calming walls of Cate’s Touch, your skincare isn’t just our profession – it’s our passion. As supporters of inner and outer beauty, our mission is to create a relaxing oasis where you’re not just another client, but a cherished guest. From the moment you enter our serene space, you’ll feel the difference. Our attentive and supportive staff are keen to make your experience as calming as your surroundings.

Are you ready to saunter into a skincare journey that not only refreshes and rejuvenates, but leaves you brimming with confidence? With us, it’s not just about looking better, it’s about awakening a newfound tranquility within you. We look forward to meeting you, making you feel at home and revealing the radiant, confident you waiting to shine through!


Our Story: Meet Carol Cate

Hello, I’m Carol. Many of you may know me as the founder of Cate’s Touch, your go-to haven for beauty and relaxation. When I first set foot in the U.S. several decades ago, my dream was to serve this community by bringing a touch of beauty to your everyday lives.

Over the years, what started as a simple dream has blossomed into so much more. My journey has taken me past the ordinary, diving deep into the realm of skincare and healthcare. It was here that I discovered my true passion for harnessing the latest techniques and technologies to offer you transformative aesthetic services.

As a resident of Rockwall, I’m committed to creating an experience that reflects the best of our community- high-quality, warm, and inviting. Every day, I’m reminded of our humble beginnings in nails services. I’m eternally grateful for your unwavering loyalty through that phase of our journey.

Thanks to your trust and support, Cate’s Touch has grown into a full-service day spa that is devoted to holistic wellness. Thank you for voicing your desires for advanced and multi-dimension services— hearing you has guided our evolution.

Today, I’m thrilled to invite you to experience an array of treatments tailored to your unique needs. From head to toe, from rejuvenating facials to amazing pedicures, we’re eager to take you on a journey that transcends beauty, delving into a world of relaxation, wellness, and renewal.

When you walk into Cate’s Touch, you’re not just a client — you’re a cherished part of our story. I look forward to welcoming you soon.

-Carol Cate